I Hate You.

I hope you know this simple fact,

And if you don’t by now,

I’m gonna say I’m sorry for you,

Because all I can say is…



I sort of hate your face,

And your kind-of crooked smile,

You smile dims the whole place,

Please don’t stay for a while.


You make me really mad,

With your annoying, ugly laugh,

You look like an apple that’s gone bad,

Your ugliness is off the graph.


You follow me on Instagram,

For some reason, yes, you do,

Look like someone from a cartoon program,

And you make me want to puke.


You presented your project in class today,

I wish that you were dead,

Everyone else fills up with dismay,

It’s so boring,

And I want to shoot myself in the head.


I’ve tried to be a better guy,

But that’s just not who I am,

But if I was Yoda from the sky,

I’d say:

Done with you, I am.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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