I Hate Valentines Day

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 12:42 -- nelinya


What more can I say

But that I hate Valentine's Day

And all the stupid clichés

I mean, come on

Get real

Roses and flowers only lead to allergies

Chocolate and strawberries lead to more calories

Then he calls you fat 

Leaving you as big as the earth Hearts are just a meaningless shape

And an organ in your body 

Red is just a color 

Thinking too much of it reminds you of blood 

Blood on a knife after you stab him

For forgetting it's Valentine's Day

It's so stupid 

Pink is just a color for girls

It does not take a real man to wear it

Love songs just make you feel like crap 

jewelry is expensive along with edible arrangements 

I mean, come on

You can make your own arrangement

And eat it while you make it

And bears? 

Just because you stuff it 

and put the word Teddy in front of it

doesn't make it any less dangerous

bears are scary not cute

Romantic "chick "flicks are like fairytales 

or cartoons 


Don't even get me started on "I love you"

I mean let's be real here 

Each time a new song comes on the radio what you say? 

Each time the gorgeous actor/actress shows on a screen what do you say?

Each time you get a new gift what do you say?

The word love is a little too overused

Get real 

Valentine's Day — a joke 

So many expectations 

So many clichés 

Such bull 

What more can I say

But that I hate Valentine's Day


And all the stupid clichés



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