I Hate, I Hate Part 2 12/26/14

I hate, I hate
My son is eight
The middle one's two
For this I knew

For two would
Not b long for he
In two short months
He would b three.

The oldest got
The best of me.
The little ones
The rest of me.

I hate I tried to
Close the gate
But stole the key
And made it free.

My anger has cost
Me everyone I know
My anger has lost
Me down below

Who is this person
I've become?
Who is this woman
I now have become?

I do not like
Who I've become
I do not like it
Not even some.

My mom married him
And divorced me
My dad now dates her
All his time spent with she.

This is the path
I thought I chose
That twist and turned
There caused me woes.

If life is a journey
With lessons to learn,
Then why haven't I learned?
Why do I get burned?

This poem is about: 
My family


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