I had to stand up for myself.

Today in school i was disrespected,

I told him to back off,

dont get infected!

His ego, his "friends" they all came through,

to attack upon me,

my fear did grew. 

When i got home,

I went straight  to bed,

I needed some time 

to refresh my head.

I layed down there

 and thought to myself

"Why did he do that?"

"Why did he do that?"

One hour later

I started to work, 

on my project that i needed

to finish with a smirk.

But a while later,

I heard a rude knock on my door,

It was my hater, 

my stomache sank to the floor.

I said,

"What are you doing here, get out of my sight,"

"Dont be stupid im going to fight

you, until you only see nothing but white.

I can tell your scared,

i can smell your fright." 

Thats when all the name calling started, 

i felt my blood boil,

thats when i came upon it.

Our fight broke out, right in front of my lawn,

he was stronger than i thought,

he moved his first pawn.  

Fists flew out,

and kicks came in

he shoved and pouted

but miraculously i had him in a pin.

I told him,

"Listen up, im going to let go,

all you gotta do is

get back home" 

I let loose of my grip, 

and did not flip, 

as i watched him take his whip

on a trip

back home.

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