I guess you could say...


I guess you could say,

"I write, therefore I am."

I eat to feel nourished

I speak to be heard

I listen to know the truth


But in writing I am changed

I feel free

I feel like me

I feel like the birds soaring high above the trees

But in writing I am changed



I can hear them 


They float around my head 

Like fireflies in the night 

As I lay upon my bed



Why this?


Why now?




Answers I do not know

Answers I can only feel 

Answers I ask God about 

When before when before him I do kneel


These answers come in whispers 

In feelings

In shivers

These answers come like rainfall 

In droplets 

In mist


You see, I cannot quite explain 

The reason that I write 

All I know is when I do 

I am me

And I'm alright


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