I got confused

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 19:27 -- huotkm

A poem is something I don’t normally do

I wanted to be president,

Or a doctor

Or something cool

School got hard, which is nothing new

Books got bigger, text got smaller

Rules were long, I got confused


I thought I be happy, like my sisters do

Things got sad, as days grew long

“If you would just get up and out”

It wouldn’t work, I wasn’t strong

Books got bigger, text got smaller

It’s not real, I got confused


I kept moving

Kids with different knacks

Showed me the facts

Life keeps going, just need to show up

Books got bigger, text got smaller

It’s almost there, I got confused


I climb up, out of the hole

And found my soul

Some where along the schoolhouse doors

The calling is real because

Books got better, text got realer

I am happy



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