I Forgot What Happy Was


I'm telling you, the past few weeks
Had me on my knees in deaf defeat
It wasn't a cloud following me around-
More like a pitch room blocking out all sound

School has had my whole brain fried
And last week my mom almost died
I'm so stressed with college crap
and I gotta find tuition asap


My personal life was no better though
Lost friends with 2 breakups in a row
And I never want to be that down again
But last week that mess came to an end


I was walking home from school that day
Some negative thoughts were in the fray
Some friends came over, it had been a while
Since I'd seen them, and since my last smile


We ran outside and skipped around
We were five again, stomping on the ground
We grabbed some chalk and drew on the road
And that's when I felt a lighter load


All that dark that liked to loom
Was gone, I saw light in that room
Turns out all you need is an old friend
And to act like you're a kid again.



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