I find myself in a little dilemma.

I find myself in a little dilemma.

One for the ages, like those in the books.

A story of joint existence, and conjoined interest.

The world was a place like no other, but then you stepfoot.

The lights shined slightly brighter in your presence and my eyes couldn’t resist noticing.

Your uproar was that which lions would die for.

Your kindness cause hearts jealousy.

Oh, you have blessed me, without the intention.

You, don’t know your worth, but I’ll still show you diamonds and they still won’t compare.

You are a living mystery of inner discovery and identity.

Who are you? Do you know? We can help each other find that out.

Your faint presence is enough to fix the drought in my thirsty heart.

Your essence is unforgettable, and will forever live in my mind.

When days pass, and the drought returns, so will you.

A heart that has touched another leaves a forever-lasting impression.

The smell of love lies in what you remember of me, no matter how faint.

The holes will be filled, just close your eyes and reminisce.

Borders and distances are defined only by those who have reached them far and wide.

To them, miles are insignificant.

While an eternity is what they all desire.

There is no distance between them, nothing but time.

My friend, my love, my bestfriend.

I find myself in a little dilemma.

Questioning the world, but the planets continue to spin, and the stars continue to shine.

Explain to me the answer of the galaxy’s persistence to abide.

Unexplainable, unpredictable, and so irreplaceable. Our love.

Let’s just watch the stars as they stare at us, while thousands of galaxies collide.


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