I Finally Won

She never thought about me.

It was as if I was her maid.

She didn't see me as her step daughter to be.

She just saw me as the one to put her daughter in a braid.


I missed mom.

How could I not?

She was the only one who was the bomb.

The only one who didn't leave me as an after thought.


That night

When I snuck away

The prince followed the light.

My hair apparently had a sparkling ray.


He was the only one to give me a chance.

He gave me attention like my mother.

I didn't want to leave that dance.

But I couldn't let down my father.


That evening I wept.

He could never love me.

It was my locket that I kept.

My mom was the only one who had the key.


That evening I took the knife.

There was a reason why I was okay to cook.

I was living a horrible life.

My step-mother is all that it took.


I always loved life.

The critters were so swell.

They didn't have such a strife.

Somewhere I just fell.


The next day he had the shoe.

I didn't realize that from my foot it flew.

They tried it on.

They never noticed that I was gone.


For me he hollered.

I came down to the small herd.

They surrounded the shoe.

"Could this belong to you?"


I put it on.

My sisters thought it was wrong.

On my foot it fit.

It was my step-mom that the girls began to hit.


He asked me to his castle.

To sneak out was a hassle.

He said that he saw my cut.

He was wondering about my rut.


As I explained he sat quiet.

Apparently without a wife his father would throw a riot.

With that he was on his knee,

Asking me as his bride to be.


From there life got better.

With three kids fighting over who wears grandma's sweater.

My step-mom was nice after all.

All I needed was a rich prince that was tall.




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