I Felt Bullied/ Life In Tanzania (:


 Bernadette Irankunda.  i was only a 9 year old girl . coming to a country i didn't know  , didn't speak the language. Here I'm. i get picked  on  for my clothing , for not speaking English etc. kids at my school use to bully me. push me around. only because i was  little. I mean imagine a 9 year's old girl that's  just coming from Africa. i cannot even lie i felt like i was on bones when i first came to the U.S.A.. My life in Tanzania was not a good life. I never felt happy , didn't have things to support my self with. but , it was my home country so i never felt bullied. but, life was hard. really hard my mother couldn't provide for us . she had raise 5 kids on her own. 2 died and she still raise 3 today . I never got to see my dad. He died when i was about 1. I am raised by a single parent mother.         ~ Love, Bernadette Irankunda.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



- my favorite part about this poem was writting it


This poem is definately in the form of a letter, and that is one of my favorite kinds of poems

This form and structure becomes more personal; it is almost like a short poem.


This story is brave and strong, and cannot wait to hear the next poem after this.


keep posting.




Thank You , So much Rajos.  I Will try my best to keep posting more. & thank you for the motovation :)

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