As I Fall

As I fall, 


I wonder if there is anyone who will catch me, love me, make me feel like I’m wanted

Sometimes I ask myself, “damn am I haunted?” 


Because it’s like a chain reaction… domino effect

I fall down and you leave like the rest 


But how can I blame you for leaving when I’m not at my best?

I’m supposed to be there to help, not be helpless

I’m supposed to stand strong and tall like a tree in a forest


When a tree falls in a forest can anyone hear it?

As I fall, I remain silent. 

Does that make me weak because I fear it?


Am I asking for too much, if I ask you to catch me?

Not just catch me, but see to it that I get back on my feet


Not only am I falling, but the tears are also falling down

Because I’m a queen, but I feel worthless like I’ve been stripped of my crown


The bible says that the lord will calm my storm

I believe it, but there are so many devils coming to me in angel form


They say don’t try to calm the storm, calm yourself

Am I weak because I decided to ask for help?


As I fall, I reach out for your hand 

Hoping, pleading that you’ll hear my story and understand 


Catch me, love me, make me feel like I’m wanted.


Don’t be another domino and leave me brokenhearted

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