I Exist And You Cannot ERASE ME

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 22:18 -- raenx


I Exist

Though you may try to find some sort of bubble to put me in

To maybe keep my unnaturalness from trying to infect you

To maybe make yourself feel better when you can "see past it"

even though you're the one who tried to contain me in it

I Exist

Although you try to ignore it and fit me into some sort of box that defines me by who I am currently with

That is not who i Am I am not defined by who I am around and who I am interested in 

I Exist 

It is not some "phase" I am not going to outgrow my desire and love for people and complete disregard for what body parts they currently possess

I Exist

I am bisexual and if that makes you uncomfortable I do not care

I Exist

I am an individual with thoughts and feelings and emotions just like You I am just like You

I Exist 

I do not ask for your permission to exist I Am who I am although You do not approve

I do not desire your approval You cannot bother me because I will not allow you to

I Exist

I bother You I do not fit into your stereotypes and your uneducated notions of what sexuality has to be

I Exist and I will not allow You to dismiss me and ignore me

I Exist I am loud I am proud I am unashamed of who I Am

I leave a mark where I stand and an impression on the disillusioned curtain surrounding me

I Exist and even through your opinions and your judgments,



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