The "I" in Everything

Self-advocacy, voice, and equipping yourself with anything you will need all come down to one factor; you.

The support you receive from your surroundings all come down to one thing; you.


You have to realize the one person that will alway be there for you no matter who comes and goes or what you do and get yourself into is you.

It is your passion that will push the environment around you to support you.

Your drive that will speed down the road and clear the way for all the boundaries created to trip you.

Your grit that will slow down anyone that comes to double-cross you.

And your grind that will keep you moving and swaying from high road to low alleys …

It’s you.


In order to feel comfortable with you, you have to believe in you.

You have to push yourself to grow and become greater than  what you are used to.

You must understand that you can be greater than all that surrounds you.

You must first be accepting of the abilities god himself gave to you.


I am you

You are me

We are the “we” that creates this world

We might not have been through the same struggles but through our eyes we can still see each other’s lives.

Each life filled and cultivated from the ground up with lie upon lie.

But it is up to the I’s the You’s the Me’s and the We’s to recreate our earth in the paradoxical society.

Because I am…

In everything.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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