I Embrace You


United States
40° 44' 57.516" N, 73° 49' 16.7556" W

Judgment, Prejudice you are the banes of me.
You are planted, spawned by the minds of those free.
Avarice and malice; the edge of their whip
May paralyze me with the breaks of my hip.
And, though I've fallen before you shall see
That the voice of a billion starts with me.
Faith. Hope. Strength. Edges of my blade.
Shall unmask you hosts of this grim masquerade.
...Come unto me villains with your ravenous teeth...
Strike me vengeance, strike me hate
My fire is the forging of empires too great.
For now I embrace you forces of slavery
But generations hereafter shall be birthed from my bravery

Poetry Slam: 



This just hit me like a ton of bricks. Best poem I've read all day!!!

I wish you the best in the scholarship slam!

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