I dream

(poems go here)I dreamed of a world of peace and love,

Where the fighting stopped and there was a time for peace,

A time for family, a time for love.

I dreamed of a world, where the crime was null,

The fears were scattered, the cries were shattered,

And happiness took hold.

I dreamed, oh how I dreamed of a place for myself,

A place to call my own; a place where I could be loved and love

As my dreams love me.

With a love, that was not love,

But a new type of love,

For me and my dreams.

I dreamed of a baby moon that rises over the blue sea,

A smiling face in the sky,

To smile down at you, and at me.

I dreamed of a say and a time,

Where my dreams would never end,

And everything would be fine.

I dreamed.

I dreamed.

I dreamed.

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