I Don't Miss Him


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I don't miss him
I miss the feeling I had being with him
I miss being in love
How do you describe love?
It's the most wonderful, secure, crazy, and beautiful feeling in the world
I am eight years old coming home from a hard day at school
As I walk in the door an enormous smell of chocolate fills my nostrils
I run upstairs and my mother is pulling cookies out of the oven
She hands me one and says to be careful, it's still very hot
But despite her warnings i take one steaming hot, glorious bite
The cookie is warm and gooey
Soft, but still firm enough so it doesn't crumble in my tiny pudgy hands
As a little girl I know nothing about calories,
and fear nothing about gaining weight
At eight years old, this cookie is the best thing I've ever tasted; and I want more
When my mother isn't looking, I steal as many as my little hands can hold
And sneak to my room to enjoy them
That is what love feels like.
I am now sixteen years old
I come home from a long day at school having just realized that polynomials aren't my thing
Walking through the door, chocolate fills my nostrils
I go upstairs and grab a cookie
Only two come with me to my room, for they are cookies and I cannot get fat
Though years later, nothing compares to that first glorious bite when I was young
As I finish the cookies, I realize that nothing ever will
This is what losing love feels like
So I go to the kitchen, hug my mother, and grab another cookie
Love is amazing, beautiful, and scary
So when i mention his name just remember,
That I don't miss him
I miss being in love


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