I Don't Love You Because.....

I don’t love you because your brown skin seems to wrap its way around my mind

So beautiful, so smooth, yet creating ripples of desire throughout me

One of a kind

That framework that I dream to divine

I don’t love you because you shine in front of everyone

Stand in front of millions and command the room

Only by using that alluring wisdom that looms inside of you

For one so young, yet able to weave it all into the art that comes out of your lush lips

And leaves others speechless

I love you because your very presence is my home

You come with your share of creaks, cracks, and mess

But do I feel blessed

You’re imperfect, but your perfect for me

I won’t change for you, and you don’t have to change for me

Like one of my favorite musicals, Rent, said, “Take me as I am, who I am meant to be”

You feel me with laughter, don’t you dare downplay your dry humor

My mood can drop, but you uplift it sooner

You do whatever it takes just to get happiness on my face

You give me so much warmth

Just from your eyes, just a look, is a bottomless amount of gold in worth

That gleam you get in them when you’re talking for miles

Whether about American history or your out of box theories

Generally, not what I’m into but from you it’s worth all the while

I love how passionate you are, and my passions, you see

You push me to be a dreamer and chase my dreams

Though you’ve seen my worst, you envision my best

You believe that I can be better than you, and do better above all

Even if I’m under the weather

You get me off my butt to get some work done, so I don’t regret it later

And I’ll always do the same for you

Our relationship is fifty fifty, give and take

You’re my safe haven, and I’ll provide shelter for you too

You want me to speak my mind and with every word that comes out, it doesn’t feel forced

Each piece always finds a place with you, and I will always want to share more and more

You won’t dare raise your hand, and I won’t dare get violent with you

You look into my soul and see the good and bad

You remove, not induce, the anxiety and fear

I’ll wipe away your insecurities and tears

I look at you and know what love is

I remember you asking me what it is and this is it

You had a hard time telling the difference between lust and love

It’s craving to know your mind and soul all above

Seeing beauty even in the hard and gritty

Wanting the best for each other even if it gets in the way of our own agenda

We’re in this together

And I don’t want this to ever

Ever end

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Dedicated to my love and what I believe love is

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