I Do Not Understand



I do not understand how she
could not be
one of the
— if not the — 
happiest girls in the world


one of
— if not the —

most amazing,
and wonderful
loves her.
He, out of all,
chose her.

He doesn’t feel lovable.
He’s hurting inside 
And I desperately want to take his pain away
Want to make him feel loved. 

Thinks he could not be 
the man of a girl’s dreams 

And I want to tell him
he’s been on my thoughts
            all day long
the one to fantasize about before night
the one in the morning, making me want to get up

Yet she… she’s given boys a chance
But not him?
And the one she did, after,
broke her heart. 
And yet still…
not him.

What I would do for him
If he only told me to

And if he’s hurting, like I know,
I want to hold him, hug him,
do whatever it takes
to alleviate
To be for him
What I want…

I don’t know what my feelings are
(I need to ponder more)
But here I now know this marvelous boy
And I want to be his source of joy. 


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