As you smell pain in the air, 
You get squeezed and choked by fear.
Future seems to be a mirage, what'll happen next is so unclear.
You are so scared you having a feeling like, today, you're just dead.
You shivering and bouncing like a fish caught with a net.

Now, you've painted your eyeballs red.
Tears in a dilemna of either dropping or remaining on the eyelids instead.
The shape of your mouth is inexplicable and you blaming yourself for being a blockhead.

Beep! Beep! That ringtone is so much familiar and tight.
Gbim! Gbim!! Your heart beats more than a thousand times.
The unexpected is getting closer just few minutes before nine.
You feel like fainting and oh, celebrate happy day with frankenstein.

You hear the sounds of unseen legs stomping the ground like a giant and its walking towards your door.
Door opens and eventually, tears role down your eyes like a waterfall as you stand next to what you've done.
You staring at a figure who looks so much like you and you just feel you should run.

The next thing you heard sounds like Incredible Hulk in a bad mood,


who destroyed my television set?"

"I did sir".


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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