I Did Not Wake Up Like This


I did not wake up like this.

My skin was not covered in a film of nude foundation.

My eyes were ringed with dark circles,

not 4 different shades from the new Naked palet. 

My eyelashes couldn't even dream of reaching my eyebrows without assistance,

and speaking of eyebrows

they aren't real either. 

You see, I did not wake up painted on.

I did not wake up slathered in someone elses idea of what confidence should look like.

I have a pimple on the side of my face

but goddammit no one ever told Mother Nature her bumps weren't beautiful.

My cheeks were naturally red and don't need you rose bud sunset tint bullshit to look better.

Underneath the placid calm that is portrayed

I am a roaring sea that refuses to bow down to your ship of ideals.

I am not a liquid that will fit into whatever container you find suitable 

as if you could ever contain such a powerful force.

I am a plethora of contradictions that will never unfold to you.

My raw being needs no filter

needs no edit

needs no veil to mask the true beauty of the mind.

So I say fuck your eyebrows and fuck your contouring,

no amount of that could conceal the richness of my storm.

I did not wake up like this.



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