I Cry ..


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for years everyone has seen me crying
but nobody cared enough to ask why until i met this lady two years ago
and she finally asked me why...why do i cry.. I cry .. For those who cant for themselves .. For those who lost a loved one for those without
A mother or father to care for them.. For those without a brother or a sister to love them For those who have lost a life of a loved one that
Is given only once due to unexpected circumstances I cry for those who cant for themselves because they have to be strong for their family but deep
down inside they're souls are screaming... crying ... I cry for the children that do not have a childhood for the children who have to be the parent for
their family because their parents are not doing their job ..I cry for all the innocent people spending time behind bars in prison I cry for all the rape
victims in this world...
I cry for all the young men who think that the only way they can provide for their family is to be out on the streets
I cry for those who no longer believe there is a god above due to the situation they may be in today
I cry for the children that has been put up for adoption
I cry for the young mothers to be who has got abortions because they think they're not fit to be a mother
I cry for the couples struggling with their marrige today
I cry for those who have given up on life.. on their life.. on their family's.. on our country
I cry for the middle class family's who's struggling with providing a appropriate home for their family the right way
I cry for the children of parents that is strung out on drugs
I cry for those who dont have an ear to confide in
I cry for all the family's of soldiers that died fighting for our country
I cry for those who have died of starvation disease, and lack of hope
I cry for the hope of the world today with all the war and hatred that's been going on for years
I cry for the family of the american's that was murdered in libia
I cry for those who cant for themselves for those who have to be strong for those who just don't have the stregnth
I cry and i pray for you .. may god be with you i pray that you keep hope alive
things may not seem good now they may seen horrible but everything happens for a reason so even though
you may be hurting inside smile .. smile because there's people that care smile because there's
a god above who watches over you and knows your struggle he wont put you through more than you can bare and to the family's of the soldiers who served
for this country but passed away i think i speak for the president of the united states of america and everyone else.. We honestly truthfully and dearly
appreciate it they are forever loved and NEVER forgotten you have our condolences




You point out a lot of problems in the world. I understand what you are trying to say and what you want conveyed, but I wish it ended a little more positively. Other than that, great job.

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