I Choose to Rise


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I choose to rise above all the haters
Because I know with the Lord I can be greater
Than the people around me who bring Negativity

I choose to rise above the bad images of a black teenager
Because I am one of those people who talk about doing major
Things in life

I choose to rise above sex
Because shoot I don’t want to be the next
One with a baby walking down the street
With my kid having no shoes on his feet

I choose to rise above drugs
Because I don’t want to be in the crack house lying on the rugs
Trying to get my next fix to relieve the pain and hurt inside of me
So I choose to be
The one who rises above those things that will bring me down
Because I don’t want others to frown
Upon me

I Choose to Rise above everyone else and be
The best that I can
Because I know that with God I can do all things in life
So I choose to stand strong through all the strife

I Choose to Rise


Wilkie Vanessa Bailey

Girl, you're so right. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.
The Lord has given you a gift in writing- never stop using it!
~~Love, Jess



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