I Can't Live Without...

What is it that I can not live without you may ask?

Without telling you directly, I lead you to my answer in a riddle:

It is not a person, but a person without a mask,

it is not an object, but something that can never be considered as dull.


You look at me confused, amused, and unenlightened.

I am not surprised, honestly, I was never good at making a riddle

So i decided to tell you, I hope you are stunned!

For what it is that I can not live without, I will fight for until I am a skull.


I for one, can not live without freedom of expression.

Everything humans are capable of: to be imaginative, to be creative, innovative, to be different;

Without this freedom we’ve all grown  accustomed to, life becomes a form of oppression.

To be silenced, suppressed, neglected... why do we deserve such judgement?


The answer is simple: we do not, DO NOT, deserve to be silenced if it concerns the better of humanity.

Human history, human potential, human achievements, human discovery, and human life….

Everything, everyone, fought and dedicated their lives for in history deserves to be referenced.

Everyone makes an impact in life even in their afterlife.


I hold this idea close to my heart because I am an artist.

I need this aspect in life to be able to paint and draw without censorship.

Because of this idea, I live a blessed life to create a fantasy world through my paintings during life at it’s hardest.

I understand fantasy is not reality; however, I’m able to see the good the world has the potential of is at my grip.


WIth freedom of expression I am able to truly show I am

A girl who is able to draw what is real, what is fantasy, what is bizarre, my emotions.

In this overwhelming world, I promise you I am no scam.

With freedom of expression I don’t have to be a scam to receive life’s promotions.


With freedom of expression, I am able to feel and cry.

I am able to be feel acceptable in a the world to different from the norm.

With freedom of expression, I am able to be outgoing or shy.

I am able to feel free to fly in the world’s storm and transform.


With freedom of expression, I am able to love my family and friends.

I am able to be with the people I love and show them that I truly love them.

With freedom of expression, I am able to to have an obsessive love over cute pens.

I am able to have an opinion if my obsession is reasonable or dumb.


So, I may seem cruel and heartless to suggest I do not absolutely need the people I love.

I may seem pointless to value freedom of expression if I don’t have anyone show my expression,

But that’s the beauty of freedom of expression that makes freedom of expression rise above!

For, with freedom of expression, you are able to create your own opinions about my confession.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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