I Can No Longer See Color

I can no longer see color:

Once vibrant, cerulean blues dwindled away  

Into dreary grey-ish hues,

Dancing, smiling dandelion yellows dulled out

Into murky, clouded browns and blacks,

Passionate, hot scarlets withered away

Into bleak, faded strawberry pinks

Creating a drab,monotonous rainbow of adversity and detrimental tendencies

It’s been approximately 4 months since I’ve seen colors

And oh dear god

I miss the feeling of euphoric weightless,

The inability to contain a smile

I miss the lifetime you experience in those short hours

The leftover residue taste it leaves in your mouth,

I miss the curiosity and openness to everything,

The dry mouths and perspiration

I miss color.

I can no longer see color

And I crave to see it just one more time

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