I Can Capture This

Right now, she is smiling. Now I am alright

If she is here, I will survive this

I can define what she is, I can capture this


Rain feels like somethings happening,

If I blink, I'll miss it

Is she is here, pay attention

All these things say it better than me

I love you. All of it.


She is center stage and faded freckles

constellations, clocks ticking

Being held and holding someone 


She is a windmill creaking at night

never letting me forget her

Violent storms that come alive, 

To tell you something

Like sugar on the tip of your tongue

Throwing a finished book out a window


She is the way bad songs and puns sound

coming from her mouth

like a loaded gun, gasping

and feeling the surface


She is rock, paper, scissors in a wet field

barefoot and sensitive

like concrete scratches that take a while to heal

sunshine on a hot swing

discarded dream journals


that’s it

that’s what I love about you

that is what’s got me

This poem is about: 
My family


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