I Can Breathe Again


United States
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United States
32° 17' 15.3384" N, 101° 26' 2.094" W

There are days when I can't get out of bed

When I can't seem to focus on one thing

When the only thing I want

I can't have, I can't do, I can't even begin to understand


Sometimes the can't part of me overwhelms the can

Sometimes I lose that battle and I accomplish nothing

But then there are days where the can destroys the can't 

And for one day, I'm unstoppable from dawn to dusk


It's a healing process that everyone goes through

When a breather needs to be taken

When little things become accomplishments in their own merit

To relax, to calm, to let the dust settle before starting again


What keeps me going is the times when I can breathe

When time can still move forward, quickly or slowly

But how fast time moves doesn't concern me

My concern is how I'll spend that time I've taken


It doesn't matter what I can do, or what I can't

In that moment, what matters is that I can breathe again

In that moment, my desire to be my best doesn't suffocate, only heals

And in that moment, I'm free from the things that plague me.


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