London Bridge is falling down

I speak fire from my bones

I bleed hot ice from my eyes


The bridge is dead

I am alive

I bleed blue ink


From my eyes I see

From my ears I hear

From my pen I bleed


Sometimes bloodshed is necessary

When the pain becomes too intense I

Shred my thick thin skin with bloody knives


Replace knives with pens and

Replace skin with paper

You have a solution


When the rain falls icy

When it cuts my cheek sharp

I bleed bloody feelings


Which words cannot express BECAUSE

They fumble out my mouth BECAUSE

I let them fester silently


What words cannot express in the moment

I bleed diligently onto paper

I bleed diligently because I can


Blood runs thick from fingertips

I bleed because I need to

When pain becomes too intense


When my chest ignites

When death clouds my mind

When life is not a




I sit dark


I sit cloudy

I sit bloody

I sit bleeding


Bleeding a bridge back into existence

In bleeding I have found a solution

Replaced blades with pens and skin with paper


Spilled emotions onto blank canvases

When the world fell on me I bled blue ink

From my eyes to my fingertips and to


My skin paper thin

I bleed BECAUSE of

Unending dark pain


Pain is good sometimes then

Feelings spilled onto a

Page and pages endless


I bleed hot ice BECAUSE

I bleed fire BECAUSE

I am alive and I


Have rebuilt the bridge



A really good creative approach to the scholarship slam... no joke, it's really good-- both technically and emotionally speaking. Keep writing, I guess, and I hope you get it. You deserve it!


Thank you so much :3

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