This I believe

Sun, 09/22/2013 - 18:13 -- jaymer9


            I believe in the importance of every moment in one’s life. I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence and every small moment will have an endless string of consequences. For example, while walking down the sidewalk, you drop a quarter. You bend down to pick it up and think nothing of it. Little did you know, if you hadn’t bent down that moment, a falling rock or a stray bullet from some other neighborhood could have hit you in the head or if you had kept walking, you might have been in a tragedy that you would’ve avoided if you were delayed by picking the coin. This may be a stretch of an example that you normally only see in movies, but that fact does not diminish the small possibility of this scenario. Life is unpredictable.

            Every little thing you do and every interaction you have, impacts you and other people. Even if you sat in a couch for THE WHOLE DAY, that experience gave you the self-pleasure that you may or may not have needed. That little compliment, or even a smile, that you gave to a stranger could have been the one thing they needed to make it through their week.

            Many people never think of the little moments in their lives. We always take things for granted. Albeit it may not be that important to read into every little thing that you come across, appreciating certain moments and memories provides you with a sense of self-satisfaction. Remember that time when you were six years old and you didn’t want to go to sleep because you wanted to keep playing? Now, you’re seventeen and all you want to do is sleep. Looking back at memories and the moments in your life gives you a perspective of how much things has changed, or hasn’t. The time we have in this world is so precious that it seems silly to not appreciate it. You only have one life. People never think of little moments until they’re actually gone. We never really learn from our past until that one night you decide to think about everything in your life. We never really know better until knowing better is useless. By realizing that every moment has some, however little, significance in your life, you learn to appreciate the things that matter and disregard the things that don’t. Life is worth living because it’s short.


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