I Like Baseball


you like baseball?

he asks as I take a sip of my drink

well that’s a little butch don’t you think?


because baseball is a man’s sport

and any girl who like a man’s sport

must want to be a man?

what about cheerleaders at a football game

or dancers on a basketball court


they must be straight because they cake on their makeup and frost their lips like it’s a food network challenge.

They must be straight because they wear next to nothing and get paid for it.

you know who else does that?


But that’s not the point

loving baseball doesn’t make me “butch”

but that’s not what matters


what matters

is that he thinks that I care.

because I am straight girl

calling me butch

or lesbo

or dyke

is an insult to me personally

never mind to the entire LGBTQ community

He can call me whatever the hell he wants

that doesn’t change

who I am

it changes

how I see him


Because he thinks that butch is unacceptable

because he thinks the fact that I love baseball

makes me abnormal

but heres the thing

if normality existed all of us would be abnormal

because one standard of living is no way to live

because I like baseball

and I refuse tell him or anyone else that I don’t

just because they think

that it is a little bit butch

because I have a list of questions pertaining to your “normal”

is it normal for someone

to starve themselves because they want to be more

get this normal

is it normal for somebody to hide their feelings for another person

so that they can feel or seem more

wait for it


is it normal for someone to try to kill themself because they weren’t

normal enough

see you have this idea of normal formed in your brain

but here’s what I think

I think it’s okay for me to love baseball

even if you think that’s a little bit butch


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