I ask

I ask for your trust

To know my clothes didn’t reply

With a yes to his hands,

When my own rights he denied.

I ask for you to realize,

That I didn’t comply.

But was forcibly taken

Horrible images now trapped inside.

His words and his motions

My mind can’t escape.

I ask for your forgiveness,

When my dignity he did take.

I ask for you to see me

Not as a victim of him,

But a survivor of this hatred,

As something more than a sin.

I ask for you to see I’m innocent

In a crime that was committed.

For taking my body against my will,

Just because he is “ill-fitted”

He didn’t just touch my body.

I ask for you to realize

He Shattered every ounce of self respect I had,

He broke my heart and my mind,

I ask you to listen

And not judge me even more,

Because my body is bruised,

And my heart is very sore.

I ask you to understand

How hard it is to sleep

When I can’t stop thinking

That somehow I am the freak.  

I ask to be able to walk past a mirror

Without having to look away.

Because each glance at what he took,

Is a reminder of that day.

He didn’t just take my body,

He took away my thoughts and my soul.

He took away everything

That made me worth living for.




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