I am...what I am not and I am not Popular.

I am what I am not.

I am not the heavily-scented flowery perfume and expensive footwear and jeans.

I am not the consistent talking during class and the joking instead of writing.

I am not the sports kids clickey group or the way they all straighten their hair and do their makeup diligently each week.

I am not the perfect mold of what some may believe I should be, I am just me.

I am messy hair and dirty shoes and large purple bruises on the sides of knees..

I am thick glasses and a heavy backpack and lips being bitten by teeth.

I am a stack of books and the perfume of freshly printed ink.

I am over-studying and late nights spent hunched over essays and good grades accompanied by many sighs of relief.

But I am not perfect hair and a confident air for I am rather scared. What if anyone else were to know I am me?

What if they knew of my stack of books or my thick glasses or anything really?

What if they knew I did nothing but pretend that I was anyone but me?

But someday it will be different, someday they will see...that my thick glasses and heavy backpack and over studying benefitted me.

I will no longer be a “nerd,” but instead I will be my peers boss at work and I will be happy.

I am what I am not.

I am not a cool cat with a barbie doll resemblance.  

For now, I am a nerd...but I think that’s alright with me.

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