I Am...Music

Since I was ten we've been together,

The way that you see

the things I go through but you still accept me.

I knew you were there from the jump and would never leave

my side, I guess you and I were meant to be.

At times when I was down you lifted me up with ease,

and when others disrespected you I stood up and spoke over beats.

You said "don't stop until" my pen bleeds,

You were my main motivator, we were the perfect team.

Now 17, my last year in high school,

I told you I want to be famous, you said "okay boo.

just wait until it's time to shine you already have divine skills,

God will put you into the right deal"

I said " we were together for years baby, you made me.

If it wasn't for you I probably would've gone crazy.

Now I gotta wait for a sign to get signed when I already invested seven years into rhymes?

We have become one, I'm you and you're I

so lets stop playing and give sight to the blind eye.

The world needs us,

I mean the world needs I."

I am music, the one thing that has shaped my life.

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