I am aware,

I will slip my kindness through the crack of a door but find it being ricocheted from the stares of hate and so much more.

"And you better not cry," My mother would say,"because baby you are more mindful than you were yesterday."

I am aware of what my mother once said, I have learned to seek with my eyes so I will never be mislead.

Sniff with my nose but not while pointed in the air, because I am sniffing for success while others aren't aware.

Taste with my tongue but never stick it out too far, because cinnamon isn't sweet but my dreams sure are.

I am aware that I have grown to be what I can and one day I will hold my future like the accomplishments made from my hand.

I am aware that I will one day experience a broken heart, but there will be chocolate, tears, and movies that will bring me back to  a new start.

I am aware that I have a life to live, and I have to be strong, because thats my prerogative.




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