I am...aware.

He was never pissed, never pissed

He just sat and wished

Someone would notice and focus

Their attention

His way.

Every day he would pray

for a hey

But there was nothing there.

No one cared.

No hugs from parents no high fives from friends

And that's when he started with his sins:

Little acts of misbehaving

Trying to get some of the attention he was craving

But there was nothing.

He had to do something

So he came up with a new act

Started dressing in black 

But still no one would react.

It went from simple stressing

to full on depression.

And he never wrote

but I quote:

"I'm the invisible guy.

Would they notice if I cry?

Would they care if I die?

I could be up in the sky

Looking at my body lying there empy

And no one would notice

me lying there 


And I might weep.

But the angels, they would sweep

And comfort me.

And that's where I want to be."

That was the end of his note

He grabbed a chair and a rope

Put one under his feet, and one around his throat

And he jumped with a grin

That he never lost until

The end.

And as his body flopped out in every angle

He reached out his arms

to be hugged by an angel. 

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