I am...a Christian

Despair and hopelessness are like air that fuel the lungs of people who believe in nothing,

As they lose their light they give in and surrender their soul to darkness,

when everything seems lost and when there seems to be no way out, thats when I appear...poof!

like a magician who disperses his assistant in thin air, I magically return the light back into those

people's lives.

My rejuvenation of their faith inspired them to ask me  who gave me the power of light,

I simply stated that I believe in a higher power, a king of kings, a perfect God who sent his son down

to save us from dying for our sins,

since I believed in him, he gave me the power of the holy spirit to rebuke the evil and darkness that 

consumes the very good in people,

they assumed that since I am a christian that I am perfect and powerful,

No, I am not a christian because I am holier than most.

I am a christian because I believe in one true God.

I am...a christian.

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