I am-Yo soy


United States

I am from the spoon I love to eat from, from tofu and broccoli and Country Harvest $3.50 bread.

I am from the cold, mountainous and busy city.

I am from the grass, the dandelion and the leaves.

I am from no tradition and humble, from the Paez and Chibchas indigenous people and sometimes Ortegas from Spain.

I am from the hardworking side and the sensitive. From being nice and you will succeed.

I am from no religion at all. We do not need god to love each other, respect each other and understand that we are all the same- Humans.

I'm from San Juan de Dios Hospital in Bogota, Colombia, potatoes and rice.

From the land of the homeless guy who takes you if you do not behave or the stray dog who takes you in his/her mouth if you are a bad guy.

I am from Santa Librada, MonteBlanco, Bellavista neighbourhood, Chicago and Toronto, walking by the lake and under the bridge, by the park, recording the street vendors, riding my bicycle and running 10km an hour.

I am from this world, I am from the universe. But after all, I am who I am-a human being and I am from here.



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