I am birthed from the same writhing hips,

squeezed from the same birth canal

as you.


I am molded in the hands of God,

shaped into the perfection I was made to be,

as you were.



You are corroded in egotistical values,

rusted with the mentality of some sap from three centuries ago,

a head filled with too many bricks you believe no woman could ever build a home with.



Stuck in ancient ways,

Dragging in some premodern time that seems to only exist in this world you have conjured up

just to make yourself feel powerful.


I am woman,

With man imbedded in my title because the two letters wo

can only be the wow factor that we bring to a table

where no man needs to sit,

but does because he needs woman


I am woman,

Graced with a presence of elegance and charm that bewitches man

holds onto his hand to walk him through the alleys of dark and light

I am but the gracious guidance that leads him to the blue skies

he swore he made himself.


I am woman,

rolling, colliding ocean waves that bring you back to shore

rumbling storms that strike fear in your eyes

and love in your heart because you love the rain so much you can’t help

but praise it

no matter how drenched your clothes get.



‘I do not need a woman

to solve my problems

I do not need a woman to feed me

to clean

to take care of me

I do not need a woman.’


I am woman,

needed by man

to birth his children

to show him how to eat

to cook

to clean

to take care of himself.


Dear Man,

who does not need woman

to provide solutions

Pray tell, arrogant man,

when woman is not there to solve,

Who do you call,

your mother?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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