I Am A Woman


I am a woman 

Not an object or animal 

I have the power to hold a new world inside me 

I am a woman 

Not a form of payment, a burden or property

I have the knowledge of a goddess and the blood of a heroine tainting my veins red 

I am a woman 

Not a slut, a shame, or an embarrassment 

I have the power to educate, recuperate and alleviate 

I am a woman 

Not because I have the body of one, but because of my wit, intelligence and strength 

I have the potential to weaken mountains with my determination and persistency 

I am a woman 

Not the weaker partner or stupid one 

I have both the gentle patience of a queen and the scorching anger of a king 

I am a woman 

Not a disastrous mistake or form of perfection

I have both the courage of a warrior and humbleness of a soldier

I am a woman 

Not a victim or slave 

I have the power to feed both the soul and body of many 

I am a woman 

Not a useless creature or something that should be tamed 

I have the ambition to stand strong in times of weakness and rational among spectrums of ignorance

I am a woman 

Not something less than a human 

I have an endless light that is more valuable and important than what is on my chest and between my legs 

I am a woman 

A leader, chief, conqueror, warrior, captain, and, most importantly, a human being. 


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