I am Wolf


The expectations bearing down on me,

People taking such wagers too seriously,

They continue to beat my mind with a stick,

But they don't what it's like to be Autistic,

Living in a sea of familiar foreigners,

Being trapped in my mind is my curse,

But what they want to see reality won't meet,

I'm struggling against the blinding heat,

Heat of the eyes that bear down on my soul,

Eyes that see me as being not whole, 

But what people do is try to define, 

Create a stereotype like a border line,

A line that says what I am and can be, 

But what they think they can see is not me,

I'm not bound to be labeled by what I can't do,

We're all individuals and I am not you,

Because I'm more than the boy shouting wolf-cries,

And you'll know how I feel when you see through these darkened green eyes,

My name is Wolf and I'm a man who won't kneel,

To all the people who think they can heal, 

That which is more than they can understand,

And I will forever fight against what they have planned,

For those of the people who are like me,

Who are more than what you people can see,

More than anything you'll ever know,

More than anything that you can ever show,

My name if Wolf and I am a man who will stand,

Here with my people and an outstretched hand. 


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