I am .. Willpower

Hey Fat boy ,

Hey Fat boy ,

Hollering names ,

Told my Teacher this harassment ,

she explained it's just games ,

hurting my feelings ,

i wept to sleep ,

The only comfort i had,

was the thought to eat ,

Food was my comfort ,

it was my friend,

till things got serious ,

and could have had a bad end ,

On the road to obesity ,

my doctor had Said ,

Parents got Worried ,

and so did i ,

i thought in my bedroom,

then started to cry,

realizing my Faults ,

realizing my mistakes ,

i started eating healthier ,

like oatmeal ,

not steaks ,

years went by ,

and so did my weight,

i lost 30 pounds,

with muscle it replaced ,

working out changed my life,

and it changed it for the better ,

no more late snacks at night,

eating healthy for the better ,

life is good,

life is great,

changed my outlook on life,

to never make that mistake,

the extra piece of cake isn't worth it ,

you'll regret it in the end,

just think about the outcome,

and you'll be safe once again,

never giveup,

it's never to late,

to start being productive,

then life will be great,

i Feel on top,

like on top of a great tower,

then i realize something awesome,

i am ... Willpower.

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