I am who I was meant to be...


I am a product of irresponsibility on his part. A new envision sculpted from his form and her features. I am what I am. A lively child shrouded in isolation and a lonely shadow. Pushed forward from a young age to build a barrier. I am what I am, A counterpart of a lost but never forgotten uncle. I am Pandora`s Box entrusted to hold others` secrets: but never trusting to reveal my contents. I am a child of spring, born and coated in 1.3 degrees more than the norm. I am what I should be. Brown skin, angled cheekbones, brown sugar drizzled eyes. A human being capable of protecting that special person. I am the hopeful dreamer; thoughts for a new story build relentlessly. No time to hold back or censor, press on and and show them the inner me. I am a never-ending story. I am who I am meant to be, I am me.


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