I am Who I am if I was Who I Thought


Useful but useles,

Depression within,

Sunlight and darkness blinding my vision,

The two fued and grow a connection,

That rises tension forming me,

Chill, relaxed, zoned into a beat,

The beat of my heart and rhythm of song, 

Weird to avoid lack of air,

The amount of care that prolongs my growth,

Both mentally and physically,

Though I try to be the best,

With a creative mind such as mine,

You'd think I'd fulfill the request,

It's hard when you're messed up,

And everyone knows you are,

While the goal is flashy cars, money, and having it all,

My goal is living to 25,

My whole life I've been told I'm special,

I'm not sure if it's true,

I've been called

Sensitive with no sense,

Crazy with a crave,

It's nothing new,

But adds shade and a need,

To see who I am,

To be honest it's unclear to this day ,

So I am,

What or who you may think I am,

How you see me now,

Another will see me different way,



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