I Am Who I Am Because I Am


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I Am The Waves In The Ocean And The Roots Of The Trees.
I am wind and thunder and rain.
I am the image of my father, Kemet.
I am soil and breath and soul.
I am Africa personified.
In the way I walk
The way I talk.
The weight in my stride and the grace in my glide.
私は形のない午前 (I am formless)
I am pain
Scars and forgiving
A new beginning.
I am the one left behind
Often forgotten
日の後ろに輝く星(The star that shines behind the sun.)
I am music without a tune and a hum with no melody
I am the steady boom of a drum.
I am the blue studded wail of the saxophone…
And the high blare of the trombone.

I am the waves in the ocean and the roots of the trees.
I am wind and thunder and rain….

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