I Am Who I Am


such a common trait 

with such terrible consequences.


Masking who we are,

filtering the truth out of our lives,

avoiding who we really are

to conform to society,

to be what everyone else wants us to be.


Asking yourself such an important question,

who am I? 


Answering that question

has become the closest thing to impossible. 

The constant scrutiny from peers,

the comments that destruct self-confidence,

the lack of self-respect,

it is difficult to get past 

the inauthentic nature of others.


The media has caused the demise 

of the ability to determine

who we are,

how we should look at ourselves,

we are never good enough. 


It is only when you begin to look past

the "filtered reality" that the truth reveals itself. 

This is where one is faced

with the obstacle of acceptance.


When you sit in front of the mirror,

what do you see?

Some would point out their imperfections,

thinking that is all others see,

not the beauty they hold.


So they continue on,

repeating the vicious cycle

they are sucked in to.

Masking their true identity

to fit in with the individuals 

who are "perfect."


Others, like myself,

look past the filters and the fantasy.

I look for the good in myself.

Looking past my flaws,

exposing my natural beauty. 


It is sad to say 

that society needs time, 

to face the harsh reality

that no one is perfect.


Everyone has a different definition of perfect,

although society attempts to skew 

how we view perfection,

we must stay true to ourselves

and aknowledge the beauty of others. 


We are all beautiful.

Whether we want to see it or not

is dependent on if we will finally remove the filter

that masks who we are. 



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