I Am Who I Am

I am who I am and I don't plan on changing

I have blood on my hands and my storm is still raging

I fought all I could, but my battle is over

You took all the luck from my old four leaf clover


Thanks for the help and your though of concern

but don't come to close or you might end up burned

I am who I am and I'm cool with that

a little too tall and a little too fat


But words still somehow hurt me like a knife on every tongue

stabbing my ears and burning my eyes like an angry siren song

I am who I am as I've learned to accept

through memories of nights that I barely slept


I am who I am and I'm not who I'm not

the broken of hearts whom the whole world forgot

I've learned to find peace in the things that are certain

the tragedy's over so close the red curtain

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