I Am Who I Am

I Am Who I Am

I am not perfect

I have many flaws of my own

I have a good sense of humor

But I am not always laughing

I am not always smiling

I am not always happy

My smile covers some of my pain

I am not rich

But I make the best out of what I have

I am a child

Of a single parent that is...

I am the oldest child of both parents

My Mother loves me dearly

But I question my Father's love

My Mother cares for me

But I question my Father's care

My Mother approaches me every second she sees me

My Father walks right past me without saying a word

On the streets that is...

My Mother wants what is best for me

My Father wants what’s best for him

My Mother does things with both of her children

My Father does things with all of his children

Except for me that is...

I put effort into bonding with my Father

But we don't have anything in common

I try to fix old conflicts with my Father

But he doesn't put forth any effort...

I recieve what I don't want

But I am grateful for receiving it

I'm tired in the mornings

But I'm grateful for the opportunity of waking up

I grew up in poverty

A city where nobody really has much

A city that is violent

A city where people only care about themselves

A city where you have to be strong

A city where you have to tell your loved ones to be safe

Every time they leave your presence

I help everyone

I am kind to everyone

I am always there for everyone

But only a few are there for me

When I need them the most that is...

I am who I am due to my past

Due to my future and goals

I am unique, just like my name

I am Qiyaizia and I cannot be anyone else


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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