I am what I am.

We have ancestors of Cherokee Indian

We have dark complextion

We have a unique story, lost and broken

I search to find answers but stuck

Forced to be stronger, braver, and tougher

He left me at the age of 7, and went to heaven

I am his only Daughter.

Struggling to fill the void trying to find some meaning

So far away, for far to long

God brought better days

We have learned to move on.

Seeing her with a broken smile

Stumbling to her breaking point, wondering how it got to this

Memories fade and she loses sight of it all

I am her only daughter.

God is bringing better days

We are learning to move on.

We learn to keep breathing not knowing, what's next?

But the it's found

God knows our past , pesent, and future

He knows us all.


This poem is about: 
My family
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