I Am Unique


On the pursuit of what it means to be a unique individual

I’ve come across a lot of shit that would lead me to be miserable

I’ve tried turnin to the biblical,

But I’ve found most of it fictional,

So now I’m turning inside, I’m moving myself to the pinnacle


Of what it means to be a young man, in a world of selfishness

I attempt to judge right from wrong, and preserve my common sense

I succeed without boundary, my opportunity is limitless.

And I speak so that the public can learn something from this


I ain’t sayin I’m a prophet, but I’ve got some freakin wisdom

Some shit that I’ve obtained by goin through this freakin system

It ain’t the facts I’ve memorized, from an education generalized.

It stems from my ability to separate the truth from the lies.


They tell young boys and girls that they can all be the best,

But if everyone’s top notch, then what happens to the rest.


So lemme get this off my chest


Do you really think it’s fair, that the few represent the many?

That those in power ain’t payin taxes while the poor are pinchin’ pennies

It takes just one person, to step up and break the mold,

But it’s tough in a nation, when only a fraction of people vote


Best be listening when they say what you got don’t matter

That you ain’t qualified without a masters.

I propose a different solution: to reform this insitution,

That we don’t judge by intelligence, but rather by contribution.

To break away from mental pollution,

To remedy this disillusion,

We need the support of the not-good-enough, we need mental fusion


If we live in a nation who’s leaders had the highest test scores,

We would every prime number and fraction, but not how to avoid a war.

That’s a concept that I abhor!

Cause right outside your door,

Is 7 billion wonderful human beings who we have to account for!

The choice is yours!


What will you do?

Reassess your selfish point of view.

Time to start thinking about everyone whose not you!


Consider this:


You ain’t better than me because you got higher grades,

And you ain’t better than the blacks, (the italians), the jews, or the gays.

Everyone’s got something to offer, so you best open your ears,

You heard it straight, brotha, from the mouth of Jackson Spear.



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