I am a triangle not a circle

School has a bill that is required by all to fit into it. 

Its like trying to put a triangle into the circular hole.

It just won't fit. 

I am a triangle, because I don't fit into the catagory of the circle.

There are many more triangles, squares, and diamons then there are circles/

If you don't learn how they want you to learn. Then you are most definantly not a cicrle.

If you are like me, and have ADHD, dyslexia, or any other learning disablitiy

then you are a one of those three.

If you aren't in sports or you aren't that "smart"

You are not a cicrle.

They try and force you to be. 

The system needs to change, before they break me.

I am a triangle I will not fit through that hole. 

There are only a few cicrles in our schools.

Stop trying to make me into what I am not.

I am an artist and you don't like that a lot.

I am not that good at sports and I have no intest in being great.

I don't want to be a math genious thats not how my brain thinks.

I love my art and I love my writing. 

My only problem is that I am not good at spelling.

See my brain thinks to fast or sometimes to slow. 

Its because I have ADHD, so sometimes I need to learn slow.

When it come to things I enjoy I soak it up like a sponge.

But when it come to things I don't understand it is harder to absorb.

High Schools want circles and circles alone.

Now that I am in college its a whole diffrent zone.

They want all of us the way we are. 

Triangles, squares, diamons, and circles. 

They want all of us the way we are, because we are all diffrent

and that's what makes us who we are.

High school needs to change 

to encourge the others who do not fit the bill.

We need more artists, musians, and actors. We need people to paint and write.

People to play music, to tell us stories.

If all we have is math, science, and sports

then we have lost touch with our hearts.

I am so glad I am done with high school. No more circular holes I have to fit into.

I am a triangle, that is what I will always be. I am a triangle so stop shaming me.

For the sake of all those who are not cicrles, stop with the hate and stop with the lies.

Society needs us all to make it run.

The world doesn't just need circles.



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