I am Tired

I am tired.

I am a high school student

AP classes

College classes

College Applications




Everyone understands those, but that is not why I am truly tired.

This is a tired that coffee can not cut.

No amount of sleep will cure my exhaustion

Because I am tired of things staying the same


I am tired of only being valued for being pretty

No matter how high my ACT score

Or my GPA

No matter what I contribute to the discussion

Or how much I learn

No matter how hard I work for everything I do

Or that I never give up

I don’t matter if my hair is messy

And my makeup isn’t perfect

Because all I need is to get married

And have children


I am tired of not being believed

No matter how many facts I provide

Or how many women confirm it

No matter how educated I am

Or how qualified

No matter what my reputation says

Or my character

I don’t matter because I don’t know

And I’m just angry

Because I’m a woman

So I obviously didn’t try as hard as he did


I am tired of hearing that the world hates me

Keep my mouth shut

Let him call her a bitch because she said no

Watch every corner

Not take that joke so seriously

Believe him not her

Women are compulsive liars

She was asking for it

Don’t be next


I am tired

Not because I don’t sleep

But because I can’t

And I won’t


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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